Uploaded on Aug 4, 2009

An in-depth analysis of the events surrounding the London Bombings of 07/07/2005. Provides some good information that has been largely ignored by the mainstream media.

UPDATE: For those people who have come here after watching the BBC „conspiracy files“ 7/7 hit piece, you need to get something straight in your mind: When it comes to subjects like 9/11 and 7/7, the BBC do not do impartial „documentaries“ – they do HIT PIECES that are designed solely to attack the truth movement. They don’t cover the most important evidence and anomolies that contradict the official story. What they do is take a few of the very weakest anomolies that suggest an inside job, and just attack those. They also throw in as many ad-hominem, name-calling attacks as they can in order to leave the viewer with the impression that all truthers are crazy. If these are the lengths that the BBC have to go to in order to discredit the truth movement, then they are only proving that they cannot be trusted when it comes to producing impartial documentaries that cover ALL of the facts surrounding events like 9/11 and 7/7. The BBC is basically the government’s propaganda wing, paid for by UK TV licence-fee payers

About LillyT

:))) Rođena između hipi pokreta i panka; odrasla u socijalizmu zastićena od vremena i prostora. Bila i ostala buntovnik i isterivač "djavola" ničim izazvana. Jos se nije umorila od svog životnog puta hodanja po žici, što joj je bilo i ostalo pretežno zanimanje u večnom opiranju pokusajima drustva da je oblikuje

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