U.S. President Bill Clinton greeting British Prime Minister Tony Blair

U.S. President Bill Clinton greeting British Prime Minister Tony Blair

Tony Blair’s record of bombing nations to enforce his “values” and “liberate” his victims did not begin in Iraq in 2003.


Although he heartily enforced the murderous sanctions levied against Iraq following the end of the first Gulf War, sanctions that denied basic humanitarian supplies to innocent civilians and resulted in many thousands of deaths, his first large scale military aggression fell on Serbia, once a federal unit of Yugoslavia. With Blair’s full support NATO launched a 78 day blitz against Serbia in 1999.

Blair’s justification for sending his bombers against Serbian cities and towns was that Serbs were committing state sanctioned “genocide” against ethnic Albanians in the breakaway province of Kosovo. Blair went as far as to draw comparisons with the Holocaust of World War II. The media dutifully played its role in supporting Blair’s agenda, a service it would repeat when it came time to bomb Iraq four years later. But now that the rubble of Blair’s “humanitarian” intervention has been cleared away a new picture is emerging and fresh evidence has come to light.

The FBI failed to find a single mass grave and went home. The Spanish forensic team did the same, its leader angrily denouncing “a semantic pirouette by the war propaganda machines”.

In an article written in August, 2008 John Pilger sheds light on crucial information that has been buried under the avalanche of praise that followed the ransacking of the former state of Yugoslavia. Particularly disturbing is the outcome of the FBI’s and a Spanish forensic team’s search to uncover evidence of Blair’s “Holocaust”.

So was born Blair’s unbreakable habit of directly lying to the public to win support for military aggression.

John Pilger – Don’t Forget Yugoslavia

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