HATO [NATO] has taken over a greater role in the illegal wars and war crimes begin committed around the world; Serbia and Libya are two such examples and the extrajudicial murdering of Mummar Gaddafi by HATO [NATO] sponsored mercenaries, demonstrated the way forward for future “conflicts”.

They tried the same scenario in Syria but have been thwarted by Assad Al Bashar and the tenacious Syrian people. YouTube has shown us the depravity of the takfiri criminals operating in Syria and who are supported by the West.

Russia took a strong moral stand against this process of regime change that HATO and the US have been undertaking on behalf of the NWO. Finally, “average” Americans are able to see the truth, as opposed to the popcorn and soda news from CNN/VOA etc., and are speaking up against the war(s).

Political Vel Craft


Sensationalism or reality? If you have an open mind, then you can decide.

The current Obama administration is not all together stupid, they can read public feeling and sentiment. American people are tired of war, wars and wars and multitudes of wars. No other country in the world has been at war constantly since the Second World War, other than the US. Finally the people of the nation are weary of the endless killing and body bags coming home.

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