Bill Donahue has a truly unique view of the bible and the esoteric meanings hidden within. The following article was sent to me by Bill via email and I thought I’d share it with everyone on In5D.


We have chosen of our own free will to be totally destroyed by our fear of each other and our fear of ourselves.

Regardless of where we live there is a power that would control everything we do. And we let them.

We submit to whatever has become tradition for us.

And we call it traditional values, even though it is destroying us as it has destroyed those who came before us.

We believe whatever we are told.

I get frustrated when people write telling me how old they are and they are getting near the end of the line.

That is bull dropped on us by ignorant people.

You are not any age. You are just you.

But it is dangerous to keep referring to age because you have intelligent conscious beings inside of you called cells.

Cells are intelligent. They know when you are frightened, worried, mad, happy, and they operate your inner electrical system based on those things.

They read your DNA and send workers to various points inside of you to carry out those instructions.

So you tell your cells how old you are. And they understand and start working to break things down. Because your always commenting on how old your getting.

But where does this nonsense come from. It is all man made.

Bill Donahue: The Aging Process Is All In Your Head : In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database.


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