A shakemap represents the shaking of the ground generated by an earthquake. The information is separate from the earthquake’s magnitude and epicenter…

‘HAARP’: Was the earthquake in Turkey made by the United States?

Many people using social media think HAARP is being used punish turkey For refusing to work with the West. A user said, “There is no such thing as coincidence.”Several users pointed to the light that was visible before the devastating earthquake.Frank Hoogerbeets, a Dutch seismologist, foresaw the earthquake. Another question people have asked is how did they foresee the disaster just three days back.However, all the allegations and comments come from social media users and no such statement has been recorded by any Turkish official. Therefore, the United States has not responded to the allegations. A study published in 2017 science advance came to the conclusion that both naturally occurring and man-made earthquakes have the same potential for shaking and damage.The research program currently at the center of the rumors has nowhere claimed that it has the power to induce earthquakes. In October 2022, HAARP begins its largest set of experiments at its new observatory but does not mention earthquakes.

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